We do have two versions that you can play on. The launcher for Windows comes with the popular flash version, and Pocket Adventures is only playable on Android devices or emulators.

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Full experience
With the years of hard effort it took, we implemented all features that work as expected; even multiplayer does work.
Active playerbase
With more than 27.500 daily active players, the community is always active by new or known users from the reborn universe.
Cheat moderation
Everyone hates cheaters, and so do we. We have a dedicated anti-cheat and a cheat moderation team to handle those.

Relive the Childhood

With months of effort, the development team under the lead of Marido and GaLaXy1036, finally released both the flash version and Pocket Adventures with multiplayer support. This was history for everyone, as you could finally relive the childhood as before it shut down. Thanks to the everyone who supported, it is finally playable.


Community Events

Since we have the flash version and Pocket Adventures in hands with our own development, we can make it a lot more cool with our own community events. So we decided to turn that into reality.

  • Every month a new community event will be released.
  • Compete and win exlusive rewards, titles, chips and much more.
  • Battle and defeat the evils who will try to doom your planets.

Frequent Updates

With the old state of the previous developers, the game may never be perfect for everyone. We work hard on it to make sure all services run smooth and look into every issue that is reported to our team.

  • We analyse these issues quickly and release frequent hotfixes.
  • You can mostly expect a daily server maintenance once a month.
  • Updates are always released with additional rewards or events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the updates released often?

There are updates when the developers have the time to work on them next to their school and work. Every major update comes with additional rewards and announcements, so you would be notified.

Can I play Galaxy Life for free?

Yes, absolutely! There are no costs attached for you to play Galaxy Life. However there are in-game purchases you can make to support the project, but remember that this is fully optional and not required.

Does the project aim to make a profit?

Sadly not, all the money from donations and in-game purchases are invested back into the servers and licenses we need to own to run this project. Our main purpose is to relive the childhoods of you all.

Are there any social platforms?

Yes, we have various social platforms where we are active on and promote news and updates too. You can scroll down until the end to find the platform icons that will refer you to our social platforms.

How can I support the project?

You can easily support us with donations that will make you receive awesome rewards, or simply purchase in-game packages. We do appreciate everyone that supports us to keep this childhood alive.

Where can I contact the support?

You can support our team on the Discord server which has the fastest response, or you can also email us for important, business or private inquiries. You can scroll until the bottom to find the email.


Total Created Users


Daily Active Players


Active Discord Users


I am Marido, the co-creator, the current leader and the main developer of the project. Proud to see it revive memories.

Marido - Leader Developer


I am GaLaXy1036, the actual French inventor of the project and the leader developer behind Pocket Adventures.

GaLaXy1036 - Leader Developer


I am Unelegal and I help the development with small parts. I was also known for finding the original assets of the game.

Unelegal - Assistant Developer


Known for the infrastructure support and my help on the flash servers, I am an developer to help the others sometimes.

LifeCoder - Assistant Developer


I am Senne, known for my bots and flash support. I mostly support the project with my own bots and flash server support.

Senne - Assistant Developer


I am Javier, and I was known for being an useful help to Marido with the flash development. Love to see the game shine.

WhirlWind - Retired Developer


And you landed on the bottom, whoosh! The launcher for Windows comes with the popular flash version, and Pocket Adventures is only playable on Android devices or emulators.

Download for Windows Download for Android Visit the Discord